Pilates is a Gift

Published on 28th Dec 2013 at 09:56 by Admin

           The best gift is the feeling of giving.  Pilates came in to my life at a time of Achilles surgery rehabilitation and like most of us it is a shining beacon of light at the end of a dark tunnel of hospitals, doctors’ office waiting rooms and the worst – sigh, gasp...immobility!  The ability to move with grace and power at a time when you feel about as agile as a pile of bricks is like Christmas and your birthday all tied up into one with a giant glittery bow on top. 

             There is an almost indescribable feeling of joy when you reclaim something that maybe you did not even know you had or was just buried beneath the surface of your awareness.   It is one of the most empowering sensations you can feel.  Pilates gives you an invitation to ownership of the vast domain that is your body, mind and spirit. 

             Taking just one moment to rethink a particular movement within an exercise starts the path to change.  Where is that movement coming from?  Where could it come from to make this action more efficient and connected to centre?  As Rachel Taylor Segel puts it best “Each sequential movement within an exercise should be an evolution, not a repetition.”  This is the kind of mindful movement that creates change and it does not stop there on the Mat or the Reformer.  

            Pilates is a series of exercises designed to balance bodies, awaken minds, empower spirits and bring them back to life.  Life is out there - in your car, at your laptop, standing at the sink doing the dishes, sitting at your desk at work, placing your carry on luggage in the overhead compartment and even vacuuming your living room.  It is your *aha* moment in class that translates into your proud, elongated stride down the street when you feel people taking that second glance and wondering, “What is it about that woman?” 

            I can honestly say that Pilates is one of the best gifts I have been given and I am so blessed to be able to pass that gift on as an instructor each day.  That look in a client’s eye when they really “get it” and connect on a deeper level is why I teach and what inspires and fuels my passion for teaching.  I want to dedicate this, my first blog posting, to all the instructors and clients who thrive on peeling the proverbial onion of Pilates.  Some layers may make you cry out in frustration and others lead you to swoon on the gentle breeze of embodiment ~ but there is always the next layer….

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