Pilates is more than just a series of exercises, it is a way of life!

Enlightened Pilates is a gorgeous, fully equipped Pilates oasis in the heart of Malahide Village with small group classes, duets and private sessions to ensure you are never lost in a crowd but are always seen and gently corrected when needed. We are a dedicated and welcoming community of movers that love to learn and laugh together!

Pilates isn't a fad or quick fix, but a way to shed the shackles of poor posture, breath and movement patterns that we all develop over time. Sitting all day at desk, hunched over caring for children or clients, or maybe suffering from stubborn back pain that just won't go away. Come rediscover flexibilty, strength and joy of movement that will spill over from the studio into your everyday life. Watch a child or animal do anything and you'll understand the concept of natural, joyful movement that we all hope to return to someday.

Jessy has taught all over the globe from Manhattan to Dubai for over 15 years and has witnessed and been inspired by the changes seen in clients everyday. Pilates is something you can continue and progress with from childhood to old age, help aid recovery from injury, or simply improve posture, balance and quality of everyday life!

What people are saying:


"Jessy is hands down the best I have come across, so encouraging, enthusiastic, very knowledgeable and fun!"

 -Elizabeth Reid

"I will always love Jessy and miss her wonderful spirit and amazing Pilates teaching.... She taught me to bring my elevator up!!! She made my jeans fit better but mostly she made my heart happy with her amazing personality and spirit and the person that she is."

- Beth Cooper

"Jessy introduced me to Pilates and to this day – there is no one that can compare to her level of teaching or passion. Her incredible knowledge and her amazing sense of fun make Pilates so engaging. I still wish I could learn from her everyday!"

- Cynthia Bake

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