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mat pilates class: beginner/intermediate, intermediate

These 50-minute classes involves a series of classical pilates exercises performed on a mat with each exercise emphasizing breath, core conditioning, and body awareness. Instructors will pay special attention to alignment and form as classes have a maximum of 5 people. Props –including foam rollers, therabands, small weights and magic circles may be used to add challenge or assistance throughout the class. Whether you’re a beginner or expert practitioner, this mat workout will strengthen the core and tone the body. After mastering the basic repertoire in beginner/intermediate mat classes, you can challenge yourself with the quicker-paced intermediate option with permission from your instructor.

prenatal pilates class

Prenatal pilates is specifically designed to accommodate the needs of the expectant mum. We will use spring loaded equipment (reformer, chair or tower) or practice on the mat with a large fitness ball and various small props.

With less focus on increasing the strength of abdominal muscles and more on increasing stability in addition to strengthening the entire body, it can even help prevent or relieve joint pain. We allow no more than 4 participants to ensure a safe and well observed experience.

Focusing on better posture, alignment and body awareness, pilates is known for helping to relieve back and hip pain and sciatica while helping to alleviate symptoms of pubic synthesis, a common pregnancy condition. The deep breathing, as well as the mind-body connection, emphasized in Pilates helps to prepare mums for labour and childbirth. Chatting about shared experiences, moving and breathing together as a small, like-minded community has benefits all its own! 

group equipment class: beginner/intermediate, intermediate, int/adv

Group equipment classes are separated by level in order to accommodate all clients –the reformer, tower and chair are pilates apparatus designed to add resistance and support to a classical pilates workout with the use of spring resistance. Each exercise emphasizes breath, core conditioning, and body awareness. This full-body workout will strengthen your deepest abdominal muscles while toning and integrating your limbs.

As the class level gets harder, the pace will get swifter and more challenging moves will be introduced. Beginner/intermediate classes are fundamental for people new to pilates because they explain the basics of the exercises and machines. You must be cleared by an instructor to move past the beginner/intermediate level.  If you are brand new to pilates, we strongly recommend that you begin your training with a private session – more information about our private pilates offerings here:

private pilates

We strongly recommend that all new clients start with a introductory private pilates session. this 50-minute session is a thorough, customized workout that explains the basics of the pilates technique and equipment. One-on-one training is helpful because the instructor can provide their full attention to your specific needs and address any injuries or weaknesses. It is very important to understand the basics and any necessary modifications before entering a group or class setting. After this session, the instructor can help you develop a workout program of private training or group classes to help you reach your fitness goals!

semi-private pilates

Duet, trio, and quad pilates sessions are also available. One instructor will design a workout to accommodate the needs of all participating clients. We recommend that you create these groups, but we can also help match you with people at a similar fitness level. This semi-private session will include a combination of reformer, mat, cadilliac and chair based on availibilty.


new client introductory private session - 55€ (one time use only)

new client introductory private with Jessy - 65€ (one time use only)

*strongly recommended*

new client trial group pilates class - 10€ (one time use only)

mat classes:
single class – 20€
5 classes – 90€ (18€ per class)
10 classes - 170€ (17€ per class)

group equipment classes & prenatal class:
single class – 30€
5 classes – 140€ (28€ per class)
10 classes - 270€ (27€ per class)

private sessions:
70€ per session
5 sessions 325€ (65€ per session)

private sessions with Jessy:
80€ per session
5 sessions 375€ (75€ per session)

duet sessions:
40€ for a single session (each participant)
5 sessions for 185€ (37€ per session per participant)
10 sessions for 360€ (36€ per session per participant)

duet sessions with Jessy:
50€ for a single session (each participant)
5 sessions for 235€ (47€ per session per participant)
10 sessions for 460€ (46€ per session per participant)

trio sessions:
30€ for a single session (each participant)
5 sessions for 140€ (28€ per session per participant)
10 sessions for 270€ (27€ per session per participant)

trio sessions with Jessy:
40€ for a single session (each participant)
5 sessions for 190€ (38€ per session per participant)
10 sessions for 370€ (37€ per session per participant)


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What people are saying:

“Creative, Engaging and Energizing. Those are the words I’d use to describe what it’s like to work with Jessy Babin. She is absolutely the most resourceful Pilates teacher I’ve met.

Her training and experience have allowed her to always find something new and creative in the Pilates body of work while so many Pilates instructors repeat the same thing again and again. Jessy comes up with the best way to work with your body and you’ll find your progress starts with day one. Hanging out with Jessy doing Pilates is about the most enjoyable way you can spend an hour of your day.”

 - Mitchell Kriegman
         Santa Barbara, California

“Pilates just quite simply keeps me going; it’s there consistently - part of who I am on good and not so good days! I honestly don’t know what I would do without Jessy and the instructors of Enlightened Pilates!

 - Maura Walsh
           Malahide Ireland

“I am so thankful to Jessy and the team at Enlightened for teaching me and introducing me to an amazing exercise experience. I love the diligence that you extend, the teaching practice and the way that you bring the class participants together, they are all such lovely people and it is great fun!”

- Nicola O’Neil
          Portmarnock Ireland

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