The Team

Jessy Babin - Owner and Instructor

  • Highly trained Classical Pilates Instructor
  • Over 15 years of teaching experience around the globe
  • University Degree in Biology/Animal Behaviour
  • The Pilates Center Licensed Teacher Trainer 

     Jessy began her career squatting in the woods observing wildlife as an animal behaviourist in the mountains of Washington and Montana. First there was a car accident, and then a boat accident, but it was a horrendously fortuitous snap of her right Achilles tendon coming down from getting a rebound playing basketball that brought Pilates into her life. After surgery there was no running, jumping or hiking to pass the hours but there was Pilates, even with the immobilizing boot, there was Pilates.

     A whole new world of intelligent and efficient movement came into her life. Jessy became a devoted client and then took the next step to Boulder, Colorado to train with the best at The Pilates Center. She first completed the advanced teacher training program, having been classically trained on all pieces of equipment by master instructors from many branches of Joe’s protégés, went onto complete the Masters program and was then chosen to become a Licensed Teacher Trainer for The Pilates Center. This coupled with a degree in biology/animal behaviour makes quite a Pilates force to be reckoned with.

     Since then Jessy has taught and studied with the best all over the world, including Colorado, New York, Pennsylvania, Dubai, and now Ireland! She believes whole-heartedly and with unyielding passion that Pilates does not only balance and change your body but can also empower your spirit and open your mind.

    Continuing Education and Areas of Interest:                                                                                            

  • Accessing Your Psoas: Creating True Integrated Movement - Amy Taylor Alpers
  • Footwork: The Pilates Fortune Teller - Amy Taylor Alpers
  • Remembering Changed & Forgotten Repertory of Joseph Pilates - Cara Reeser
  • Big & Bold Moves: Journey into Spinal Extension & Arm Standing - Cara Reeser
  • Pilates for Buff Bones Instructor Training - Rebekah Rotstein
  • Dealing with Common Complaints and Injuries in Pilates - Amy Taylor Alpers
  • Intuition: Becoming an Intuitive Teacher - Amy Taylor Alpers
  • The Advanced Pilates Work - Rachel Taylor Segel
  • The Pilates Center Masters Program

Susanne Liiri - Pilates Instructor

With her background in professional dance, Susanne has been learning, watching, creating and teaching movement practically all her life. In Pilates, she found a movement method that not only helped with rehab or injuries, but something that would benefit anyone from any walk of life!

She first trained and began teaching Pilates in her native Finland and in 2007 she continued her Pilates education by enrolling in The Pilates Center Teacher Training Program in Colorado. Since graduating Susanne has taught in Dubai, Beirut, Finland and England.

Susanne uses her own Pilates practice to maintain her body so she can enjoy and explore Argentine tango and various aerial acts. Susanne is also a certified yoga teacher and is currently finishing her studies in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) to deepen her understanding of movement and the human body. 

BCST is a non agressive, calming way of tackling sometimes stressful challenges of our everyday life. Through skillful, therapeutic touch the practitioner can start to unravel and identify your unique needs and help your body and nervous system start the process of restoring your full potential of health!

Photo: Jessy Babin

What people are saying:

     "I first met Jessy when she came to interview at my Pilates studio, Uptown Pilates, in NYC. I took a lesson with her and was blown away by the amount of material I learned. As a fellow instructor I always love learning from other instructors - but usually what I get is a great lesson with a few nuggets. What I got from Jessy was a treasure trove.

     I was very fortunate that Jessy then came to Uptown Pilates to teach. She brought with her endless energy and passion for the Pilates method and always gave 110% to every single client. Anyone who is fortunate enough to be near her should go running - you are in for a TREAT!!”

  - Mika Street, Owner of Uptown Pilates, NYC                                                                                             


 Photo: Susanne Liiri

     "What a way to spend an hour! I have tried many forms of exercises in my six decades but none compares with the tower pilates classes conducted by Jessy and Susanne. Your session starts with a genuine welcome and then we begin. Both ladies give clear instructions and follow up with individual correction (if required) and obvious enthusiasm. The quality equipment is maintained at the highest standard. Before you realise it the time has elapsed and your body feels so good. "Please book me in for next week" is a universal request!"
     - Tony Brady, Portmarnock, Ireland

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