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Jessy Babin

NCPT, Mentor, Educator, Owner of Enlightened Pilates

“I always encourage a “what if?” culture for exploration and growth just outside the comfort zone – where the most fascinating things happen!” 

A bit about me:
I have travelled the world teaching Pilates for the past fifteen years - awakening curiosity about movement, connecting deeper to the WHY, working in partnership with students and teachers to empower these ideas and achieve goals so they can do what they love with ease and joy.
My deep passion for the Pilates work coupled with a heartfelt determination to discover why you move the way you do help me to work in partnership with you. We connect the dots and puzzle it out together to ignite the spark of excitement that I know is possible from this work.
Pilates nourishes and balances the body. And when you feel this freedom you suddenly want to do more of what you love. You start to feel empowered and see marked improvement in your golf or tennis game, or begin to run with less pain. Being able to turn your head freely to back out of the driveway, gardening or hoovering pain-free or simply sitting on the grass or running around with your kids or grandkids – that is what’s possible. Maybe the old injury that kept you from that “adventure travel trip of a lifetime” eases and you book your ticket. These are all things I have personally seen students achieve through a dedicated Pilates practice.
We often see injuries in a negative light or as a block in the road to this joy, but the many peaks and valleys on my own road from pain and uncertainty, to recovery and empowerment have made me the teacher I am today. The empathy and compassion my injuries have taught me are so valuable and allow me to meet you where you are today in your journey. They were born on my road to recovery. So come to see me as you are, progress is way more interesting than perfection – perfection is stagnant and impossible to improve upon. Our flaws and quirks are what make us remarkable.
About the studio:
Enlightened Pilates, my home in Ireland, is a gorgeous well equipped high-ceilinged oasis in the heart of Malahide with all the wonderous movement tools and props we could ever need. Small group classes, duets and private sessions ensure you are never lost in a crowd but are always seen and gently corrected when needed.
The details:
Advanced Program and Master’s Program Certification from the Pilates Center of Boulder, Colorado.

Selected as a Licensed Teacher Trainer for the Pilates Center of Boulder Teacher Training Program in Ireland

University Degree in Biology/Animal Behaviour

I never cease to be inspired by my mentors at the Pilates Center of Boulder – Rachel Taylor Segel, Amy Taylor Alpers and Debora Kolwey along with Kim Haroche and Wendy LeBlanc Arbuckle who always challenge me to be a better instructor.

I have also extensively studied the work of Philip Beach, Yamuna Body Rolling, Eric Franklin and Irene Dowd.

I happily travel the world teaching workshops to instructors and students – feel free to contact me with any requests.

Photo: Jessy Babin

What people are saying:

     "I first met Jessy when she came to interview at my Pilates studio, Uptown Pilates, in NYC. I took a lesson with her and was blown away by the amount of material I learned. As a fellow instructor I always love learning from other instructors - but usually what I get is a great lesson with a few nuggets. What I got from Jessy was a treasure trove.

     I was very fortunate that Jessy then came to Uptown Pilates to teach. She brought with her endless energy and passion for the Pilates method and always gave 110% to every single client. Anyone who is fortunate enough to be near her should go running - you are in for a TREAT!!”

  - Mika Street, Owner of Uptown Pilates, NYC                                                                                             

     "What a way to spend an hour! I have tried many forms of exercises in my six decades but none compares with the tower pilates classes conducted by Enlightened Pilates. Your session starts with a genuine welcome and then we begin. The ladies give clear instructions and follow up with individual correction (if required) and obvious enthusiasm. The quality equipment is maintained at the highest standard. Before you realise it the time has elapsed and your body feels so good. "Please book me in for next week" is a universal request!"
     - Tony Brady, Portmarnock, Ireland

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